May 9, 2013

Going Paraben Free?

Have you ever wondered what the ingredients were inside the cleanser you bought from your local drugstore? Ever noticed any particular words that ended with the word paraben? MethylparabenPropylparabenButylparaben, are all very harmful for your skin for numerous reasons. They affect people in different ways. Many products that contain parabens can often irritate your skin. If you have sensitive skin you may find that moisturizers, shampoos, and bath products, which contain parabens, may be causing the skin problems.

So, what are parabens, you ask? Parabens are a group of chemicals that are used in many products that people use everyday.  Parabens act as a preservative to prevent bacterial growth in many different products. The reason they are often used in many beauty products because they're an inexpensive ingredient and are effective in preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. This has lead many people to search for all-natural or organic products that are free of parabens.

Beauty products

Parabens are found in an array of products and are commonly used in the health and beauty industry. You’ll find them listed on thousands of personal care products such as shampoos, mascara, foundations and body lotions. They are also found in other items used for personal hygiene such as deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo and shaving gels. Search for products that say “paraben free,” and always read the ingredients’ list. Pay extra attention to products that come into contact with your skin such as toothpaste, moisturizers and shampoos. 

Companies that have parabens in their products!
 LUSH Cosmetics
The Body Shop
Clean and Clear
 Bath & Body works
John Frieda

Companies that don't have parabens in their products!
Avalon Organics
Beauty Without Cruelty
Aubrey Organics
Dr. Bronner’s
Burts Bees
Nature’s Gate
Kiss My Face

My heart sank when I found out my favorite skincare company, LUSH, had parabens in their products.


  1. This is upsetting I am shocked LUSH and The Body Shop have parabens :'( I always try and stick to natural when I can especially with foundations I like to use mineral powder :-) great post and amazing blog, now following you xx

  2. My mates have been obsessing over this "paraben" thing and saying it is possibly cancerous and stuf.f Can't believe body shop stuffh ave it in their products my mates are buying stuff shipped from abroad now. A :( I thikn everything I own has parabeen in it and my skin is really sensitive and always has like raised red bumps on it . I've used water for a while just to wash my face and my skin looked a lot better but then it gets dry so I need products to moisteurise. Its lik a vicious circle lol

  3. Hmm.. Most of the time I don't look at that.. But maybe I will skip it the next time.