May 9, 2013

Forever 21 Finds ♡

Hey loves, so I was doing a bit of online browsing on Forever 21 and I came across these gorgeous lovely crop tops. And I also found a cute floral printed skater dress which is absolutely adorable. <3 Majority of these items are fairly affordable and just freakin' cute! ^_^
 photo f21-2_zpsf87ae17f.jpg
Mint and Lavender crop top - $10.80

 photo f21-3_zpsc440d352.jpg
Baby blue crop top - $10.80 | Denim Wash crop top - $19.80

 photo f21-1_zps69efee77.jpg


  1. The first two are super cute!

  2. I'm actually comfortable with wearing crop tops now, so I'll probably get the first two!!! I haven't even noticed them on the website :o Im going to make a post soon about the really cute socks and tote bags they put up!

  3. Those are lingerie what even..:c

    1. Yeah they're corsets but I got them anyway cause I thought they'd look cute with high waisted things! ; u ;

    2. Sorry this is so late :o, anyways you inspire me so I'll try them out myself c: they would look cute with my skirts ;u;