November 10, 2013

Recent buys ♡

Hey babes! I know, I know. I've completely neglected and forgot all about my blog. Pls don't h8 me. I've just been so caught up with life lately; work, school and everything. UGH, growing up sucks. Yes, I'm finally freakin' employed. *hallelujah* I guess I'll update you guys a bit into my life. So, I've told you guys before that I was applying to every store and turning in applications left and right. And out of all the places I applied, only one store called me back and it was a local Asian market in this awful little dreadful town where I live. They called me the next day, interviewed me, and then I was employed. I was a bit surprised that I got hired on the spot!

Haha, anyway, enough of that. Onto the actual post that you guys want to see. Now that I'm offcially employed, I've just been cashin' out and shopping like no other. Seriously. My wallet is weeping as I type this. I am literally obsessed with online shopping, it's like a hobby to me. lol

all these items can be purchased on urban outfitters & forever 21.

1 Favorite Plaid Skinny Jeans
2 High-Shine Crop Top
3 Sparkle & Fade Velvet Mesh Crop Top
4 Silence + Noise Batty Sheer Crop Tee
5 Enchanted Velveteen Crop Top
6 Faux Leather A-Line Skirt
7 Borrowed From The Boys Twill Shirt
8 Bat Back-Seam Tights
9 Black Pinstriped Tights
10 Deena & Ozzy Cutout Platform Ankle Boot

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  1. I've been eyeing those boots for awhile! They're super cute. I'm very glad to hear you're employed! :D

    1. Yess! I just got my boots today and they are to die for! :') And thanks hun! x

  2. They are great items so don't worry about spending on them! Richard Butler Creagh