May 5, 2013

Liebster Award!

I got a lovely message from one of my fellow bloggers, Helena (Seaside Beauty) and I noticed that she nominated me for an award which I had no clue what it was about.. apparently, it's an award that bloggers receive who have under two hundred followers. Pretty cool, I must say!

♡ Liebster Rules 

  Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
  Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award & link them in your post.
  Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
  Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
  Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves.
  No tag backs!

 ♡ 11 Random Facts About Me 

♥  My name is Jasmine and I was born on may sixth which makes me a taurus.
♥  My favorite flowers are daisies, roses, and orchids.

♥  I've always wished to be at least 5'7" but sadly, I'm only 5'3.

♥  I have a huge obsession over British people. I guess you can call me a britophile.
♥  I love collecting things such as; makeup, nail polish, and perfume. 

♥  I'm deeply, deeply, deeply terrified of the ocean.

♥  I'm afraid of heights, yet I love riding roller coasters. (lol)

♥  When I'm older I want to travel around all of the seven continents of the world.
♥  Disneyland is probably my most favorite place in the world. 

♥  The only (clothing) store I shop at are thrift stores.
♥  My favorite fruits I love to eat are: 

♡ My Nominees 

Brianna from Pastel Baby
Jessica from Passion, Kawaii, Fashion
Christina from Christina Meow
Michelle from A Colorful Creation
Elli from Luxe & Blush
Joanna from Dolly Yuuna
Yashira from Magical Riot
Luci from Sailor Scout Luci
Annelise from J. Annelise Says
Daisy from & Pretty Things
Miyuki from Miyuuki Hime

♡ My Questions from Helena 

What inspired you to start your blog and how did you come up with your name?
♥ I've had my blog since 2011 but I didn't really use it until now. And I just came up with my name randomly.
If you could do anything, what would be your dream job?
♥ I've always wanted to be a cosmetologist but I don't think I'm really good at it. Or an interior designer.
What's one thing can you not help but splurge on?
♥ Probably makeup, or LUSH because I am obsessed. ^-^
What makeup brand is your guilty pleasure?
♥ NYX or Benefit cosmetics. 
Are you more of a lipstick or eyeshadow girl?
♥ Definitely lipstick! I have a huge collection of it. c:
What one beauty item can you not leave your house without?
♥ Most likely chapstick or lipstick. Depends if I'm wearing lipstick though.
 What is your go to outfit and makeup look?
♥ Simple smokey eye with winged liner. And for my outfit, it depends on what I'm feeling that day.
What are you most proud of about your blog?
♥ Probably the whole look/design of it. I customized it myself.
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup? What was it and what made you want to use it?
♥ I was probably fifteen when I first used an eyeliner. I didn't even know how to use it back then.
What's your holy grail product at the moment?
♥ My neutrogena face sunscreen and/or my LUSH ocean salt scrub. 
Do you spend more on beauty or fashion when shopping?
♥ A mixture of both. But I think I spend more on fashion because I already have a lot of beauty things!

♡ Questions for my Nominees 

♥  What is your most favorite color and why?
♥  If you could go one place in the world you have never been, where would it be and why?
♥  What is one food you could never get tired of?
♥  What are you favorite online shops? (including makeup, fashion, etc.)
♥  What was your most recent expensive item that you purchased?
♥  What do you keep in your purse on a everyday basis?
♥  What is your favorite video game/console?
♥  Who do you admire the most and look up to?
♥  Would you rather spend $100 on makeup or on clothes?
♥  What is your favorite high end  makeup brand?
♥  Do you collect anything, if so, what it is?


  1. I also love collecting makeup, nail polish and perfume! But I think it is more of an obsession!

  2. Aww thank you for the nomination! Hehe. I'll try to do it soon <3 Thank you!

  3. I did it! c: Thanks by the way! <3

    1. I read/saw yours! It was so cute. c: and no probz! x

  4. Going to try this post soon! Thankyou for tagging me! ^o^

  5. I'm gonna post mine asap! :3 <3