May 17, 2013

Friday Wishlist!

DAISY STRIPED CROP TOP | Daisies and stripes? Definitely my cup of tea!
PINK MAXSTAR PLATFORMS | I originally wanted the black platforms but I like these ones too!!
MARC JACOBS DAISY PERFUME  I am a huge fan of floral scents and this is perfect.
UNIF I'M NOT SORRY TANK | This tank is so expensive but I seriously want it though.
MINK PINK YIN YANG TOP | I LOVE this top to pieces. It's a mixture of cats & a yin yang symbol!
MOON PHASE CROP TOP | This shirt is from Brandy Melville and it's absolutely perfect! c:
TOO SASSY FOR YOU TOP | This is also from Brandy Melville and I just love what it says.

1 comment:

  1. I love the I'm not sorry tee from Brandy ♥ So sad they do not deliver in france :(