April 22, 2013

Music I've Been Loving!

I wanted to talk about my most recent favored music. I don't particularly have a type of genre that I like to listen to. I pretty much listen to every genre besides country. *yuck* (sorry if you like country music..)

♡ These are a few albums that I love! ♡

Album: Heartthrob
Artist: Tegan & Sara

Favorite songs:
How Come You Don't Want Me
I Couldn't Be Your Friend
Drove Me Wild

I've known about Tegan & Sara for quite some time (since 2009) and when I first heard their music I was instantly hooked! This album is far more Pop and Indie while their older albums are different.

Album: Dead Man's Bones
Artist: Dead Man's Bones

Favorite songs:
My Body's a Zombie For You
Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave
Lose Your Soul
Pa Pa Power

I stumbled upon this band last year and the first song I heard from them was Pa Pa Power. Ever since then I was obsessed! Somehow, I stopped listening to them & one day I went on Last.fm to look them up. I realized that the lead singer was my beloved husband, Ryan Gosling
! I was flippin' out cause all this time I didn't even know he was the vocalist!! My love for Dead Man's Bones clearly rekindled. c:

Album: Yuna
Artist: Yuna

Favorite songs:
Fading Flower

This Malaysian beauty named, Yuna, is definitely my cup of tea. Every song is beautifully written and sung with such sweetness & serenity. This is her first album that she's come out with, and I hope you guys check her out and buy her album!

Album: Electra Heart
Artist: Marina & The Diamonds

Favorite songs:
The State of Dreaming
Starring Role
Teen Idle

Marina Lambrini Diamandis. (absolute perfection) I discovered this majestic gem last year. The first song I ever heard from her was Primadonna & to be completely honest, I thought it was Katy Perry who sang the song! CLEARLY, I thought wrong. Her music is the perfect combination of Indie & Pop. AND her lyrics are so whip-smart and witty. This is honestly, by far, the most beautiful pop music I had ever heard.

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  1. i really love listening to primadonna girl by marina and the diamonds. However, i think i probably love watching the video more aha :)

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