April 3, 2013

How to Change Your Icons on Your iPhone!

As you seen from my previous posts, I posted a picture of my jail broken iPod. I figured I would show you guys how to do that because I think it's fairly easy but a tad bit time consuming.

First of all you need to jail break your iPhone/iPod. It's really hard to explain how to do it so I would suggest going on YouTube and look up how to do it on there! Down below are a few videos of how you can jailbreak your device!

If you have the most recent iOS 6.1.3 firmware I would suggest watching this video

And if you still have the old iOS firmware and you
didn't upgrade your device then watch this video!

Once your device is jail broken, you'll finally have Cydia on there
it should look a little something like this.

Then search iFile cracked and Iconmaker to make your own icons!

In order to get these tweaks/apps you're going to have to add some sources.
First go to Manage, then click add sources, edit then add. Below are some sources to add to your device.

You can watch this video on how to use Iconmaker! c:

And then your done! Hope that sort of helped you guys' out.

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